Get Started

This chapter is written to get you started as quickly as possible with application.XO. We will guide you step-by-step through the on-boarding process, just follow the next chapters.

Frontend Overview

This chapter gives you a rough Overview over the different areas in the frontend.

Install Package Wizard

We have a few applications that you can use directly from the start, but we know this isn´t enough. You have dozens of applications that form a unique constellation for your case and we need to have you up and running with these as fast as possible. We will start with the basics and move further chapter by chapter.

First of all you should download the PSADT Package Wizard and the PSADT Framework:

The PSADT Package Wizard can be downloaded from within your account. You should find the download link on the Application Management dashboard.

Download PSADT Framework

Install the Package Wizard.

Install PSADT Package Wizard

Configure Package Wizard

Configure the PSADT Package Wizard.

Configure PSADT Package Wizard

Create your first Package

Follow the guide to create a PSADT package.

Create PSADT Package

Prepare the PSADT package for the upload

Prepare package

Upload the package

Upload Package

Create an Application Configuration

Create Application Configuration

Create an Application Group

Create Application Group

Create an Application Role

Create Application Role

Download a Group or Role Installation Script

Download installation Script

Download Applications

Download Applications packages