Exit Codes

The PSADT has several internal exit codes for any issues that may occur.

Exit Code Reason
60000 - 68999 Reserved for built-in exit codes in Deploy-Application.ps1, Deploy-Application.exe, and AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1
69000 - 69999 Recommended for user customized exit codes in Deploy-Application.ps1
70000 - 79999 Recommended for user customized exit codes in AppDeployToolkitExtensions.ps1
60001 An error occurred in Deploy-Application.ps1. Check your script syntax use.
60002 Error when running Execute-Process function
60003 Administrator privileges required for Execute-ProcessAsUser function
60004 Failure when loading .NET WinForms / WPF Assemblies
60005 Failure when displaying the Blocked Application dialog
60006 AllowSystemInteractionFallback option was not selected in the config XML file, so toolkit will not fall back to SYSTEM context with no interaction.
60007 Failed to export the schedule task XML file in Execute-ProcessAsUser function
60008 Deploy-Application.ps1 failed to dot source AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1 either because it could not be found or there was an error while it was being dot sourced.
60009 The -UserName parameter in the Execute-ProcessAsUser function has a default value that is empty because no logged in users were detected when the toolkit was launched.
60010 Deploy-Application.exe failed before PowerShell.exe process could be launched.
60011 Deploy-Application.exe failed to execute the PowerShell.exe process.
60012 A UI prompt timed out or the user opted to defer the installation.
60013 If Execute-Process function captures an exit code out of range for int32 then return this custom exit code.