The PSADT generates extensive logging for all toolkit and MSI operations.

The default log directory for the toolkit and MSI log files can be specified in the XML configuration file.

The default directory is C:\Windows\Logs\Software.

The toolkit log file is named after the application with _PSAppDeployToolkit appended to the end, e.g.

  • Oracle_JavaRuntime_1.7.0.17_EN_01_PSAppDeployToolkit.log

All MSI actions are logged and the log file is named according to the MSI file used on the command line, with the action appended to the log file name. For uninstallations, the MSI product code is resolved to the MSI application name and version to keep the same log file format, e.g.

  • Oracle_JavaRuntimeEnvironmentx86_1.7.0.17_EN_01_Install.log

  • Oracle_JavaRuntimeEnvironmentx86_1.7.0.17_EN_01_Repair.log

  • Oracle_JavaRuntimeEnvironmentx86_1.7.0.17_EN_01_Patch.log

  • Oracle_JavaRuntimeEnvironmentx86_1.7.0.17_EN_01_Uninstall.log

Log File Viewer

We suggest installation of the cmtrace.exe fromt the Microsoft System Center Toolkits to view log files.

More information about CMTrace.