Add Applications

Let´s talk about how to upload an application and make it available for further usage.

Add Application

  1. Switch to the Applications Area

  2. Click on the +.

How to add application

A new window opens:

File upload to add application

The next thing you need to do is simply drag your prepared and zipped PSADT packages to the drop zone.

If you want to overwrite existing spplications that you uploaded before, enable the Allow Overwrite switch.

Please be aware that you need to prepare your applications before uploading them.

If you are ready click the save button. The applications will now be uploaded to your account.

Upload Application

Please do not close the browser window because the upload would be stopped.

After the application packages are uploaded they will be put into a preparation queue. The packages will now be extracted, analyzed for parameters and all the variables regarding vendor, application name, version… and then be put into the available applications list.

Depending on the size of the application this can take from a minute to 20 minutes and more (depending on the number of packages in the queue).