This area shows all available software installation groups.

Groups are used to logically combine configurations that are needed for a specific use case. You can create groups for prerequisites for a Citrix VDA installation or group baseline applications that are needed. During group creation you also create the application configurations.

Use groups to logically combine application configurations and order them as needed. The installation order is taken from the group order.

Table View

Via the table view you can access the following information:

Groups section overview

  • Name: This is the name of the group.

  • Description: This is the description of the group.

  • Application: This is the number of applications within the group.

Action Menu

These are the actions that are available for the specific configuration. To access them, click on the Gear:

Access action menu for group section


With this action you can edit the group.


This action downloads a PowerShell script to your computer that you can run to install the application group.


This action deletes the corresponding group.