Start Windows service and its dependencies.
    Start-ServiceAndDependencies [-Name] <String> [[-ComputerName] <String>] [-SkipServiceExistsTest] [-SkipDependentServices] [[-PendingStatusWait] <TimeSpan>] [-PassThru] [[-ContinueOnError] 
    <Boolean>] [<CommonParameters>]
    Start Windows service and its dependencies.
    -Name <String>
        Specify the name of the service.
    -ComputerName <String>
        Specify the name of the computer. Default is: the local computer.
    -SkipServiceExistsTest [<SwitchParameter>]
        Choose to skip the test to check whether or not the service exists if it was already done outside of this function.
    -SkipDependentServices [<SwitchParameter>]
        Choose to skip checking for and starting dependent services. Default is: $false.
    -PendingStatusWait <TimeSpan>
        The amount of time to wait for a service to get out of a pending state before continuing. Default is 60 seconds.
    -PassThru [<SwitchParameter>]
        Return the System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController service object.
    -ContinueOnError <Boolean>
        Continue if an error is encountered. Default is: $true.
        This cmdlet supports the common parameters: Verbose, Debug,
        ErrorAction, ErrorVariable, WarningAction, WarningVariable,
        OutBuffer, PipelineVariable, and OutVariable. For more information, see 
        about_CommonParameters (https:/ 
    -------------------------- EXAMPLE 1 --------------------------
    PS C:\>Start-ServiceAndDependencies -Name 'wuauserv'
    To see the examples, type: "get-help Start-ServiceAndDependencies -examples".
    For more information, type: "get-help Start-ServiceAndDependencies -detailed".
    For technical information, type: "get-help Start-ServiceAndDependencies -full".
    For online help, type: "get-help Start-ServiceAndDependencies -online"