The configurations area shows all available software installation configurations that you created out from installation packages.

Configurations can be created in the Applications Area.

The configurations overview shows all existing configurations inside your account.

Overview configurations section

Table View

The main table rows are:

  • Configuration: This is the name of the configuration.

  • Application: This is the name of the application.

  • Version: This is the version of the application.

  • Vendor: This is the vendor of the application.

  • Language: This is the language of the installation package.

  • Operating System: This is the operating system the application was created for.

Action Menu

These are the actions that are available for the specific configuration, to access them click on the Gear:

Access action menu in configurations section


With this action you can edit the configuration.


This action downloads a PowerShell script to your computer that you can run to install the application with the downloaded configuration.


This action deletes the corresponding configuration.