Prepare Upload

Before you can upload the created PSADT packages you need to compress them. We provide a handy little script for that purpose that you can download here.

Script Content

        This is a script to create compressed files for the Package Management upload.

        In order to upload PSADT packages successfully to infra.XO with the frontend all  PSADT Packages must be zipped.
        The folders must not contain any other subfolders (this happens if you create zipped files with a Mac or some other zippers available).

        File Name       : xoap_compress_subfolders.ps1
        Author          : -
        Requires        : PowerShell V2 (please change as needed)
        Script version  : 1.0.0

$packagepath = Read-Host "Please input the path to the PSADT Packages folder"
$folderlist = Get-ChildItem -Path $packagepath -Directory

function ZipFiles( $zipfilename, $sourcedir )
   Add-Type -Assembly System.IO.Compression.FileSystem
   $compressionLevel = [System.IO.Compression.CompressionLevel]::Optimal
        $zipfilename, $compressionLevel, $false)

Foreach ($Folder in $folderlist)
{ZipFiles "$($Folder.Fullname).zip" "$($Folder.Fullname)"}

Be sure to use this script as it assures that the folder structure within the zipped file is created as expected by our upload process. Some zippers create subfolders within a zip. in this case the upload process might fail.

Application Management Upload

For a detailed explanation of the upload process with XOAP check the Add Applications chapter.