How to install Applications with XOAP

Choose one of the following ways to install applications:

Configuration Management Group

In the Configuration Management section navigate to 1. Groups filter for the relevant group and click on 2. Edit.

Choose 3. an Application Role to add a role. Now the nodes you have registered in your XOAP account receive their DSC configuration and the applications.

Please note, that this only applies to the nodes which have been assigned to the configuration group beforehand.

Choose aplication role

Application Configuration

Navigate to 1. Configurations in the Application Management section. 2. Download the application configuration for the specific application you want to install. The downloaded file is a .ps1 script which you can easily run on your node. All the sources will be downloaded from your dedicated account.

Configuration Management

Application Group

In 1. Groups underneath Application Management you can also download the script for an application group which contains the application configurations you have added.

Application group

Application Role

Navigate to 1. Roles and 2. download the file. This will be a .ps1 and the application role will contain the groups. Now you can easily run it on your node. All the sources will be downloaded from your dedicated account.

Application role

Now it is up to you to roll out the .ps1. Choose whatever mechanism suits you best.

Application Provisioners

In 1. Provisioners of the Image Management section choose 2. either Application Installer, Application Group Installer or Application Role Installer and assign them to a provisioner for application installation during the image creation process.

Application provisioners

PowerShell Script or PowerShell Command Provisioners

By 1. filtering for PowerShell Script or PowerShell Command and via 2. edit you can 3. add scripts or script commands for products like Chocolatey, Winget, or others while the image management runs.

Edit powershell script

Edit powershell command