Connections to Cloud Providers

In the Connections tab you are able to add connections with security credentials from a cloud provider of your choice (e.g. AWS, Azure, and others) or to your own on-premises infrastructure.

Depending on the modules you are using, it will authenticate and allow you to build your infrastructure with platform.XO or create standardized images with image.XO.

Connections in overview

Click on Add Connection.

Add connection

Fill in the data which is required for the connection you want to setup.


Create a Service Principal with contributor role access to an Azure Subscription with AzureCLI

Source for Service Principal creation.

Command Format

az ad sp create-for-rbac --name [ServicePrincipalName] --role Contributor --scopes /subscriptions/[SubscriptionId] --years 150

Command Example

az ad sp create-for-rbac --name xoap-test-principal-azd-1456 --role Contributor --scopes /subscriptions/********-****-****-****-************ --years 150

Command Output

  "appId": "[ClientId (Guid)]",
  "displayName": "xoap-imagexo-principal",
  "name": "http://xoap-imagexo-principal",
  "password": "[Password/ClientSecret]",
  "tenant": "[TenantId (Guid)]"

From that output you can create a connection for that subscription:

SubscriptionId:         ********-****-****-****-************
TenantId (tenant):  	[Guid]
ClientId (appId): 	    [Guid]
ClientSecret (password)	[Text]


Save your connection.