Getting Started

So you have never heard of XOAP or any of our products and extensions? Then you are at the correct location to get started with everything we have to offer you.

Keep going…

XOAP products have a modular approach. You can use all of the following products seperately or as complete suite.

The goal of the complete suite is to give you a rocket start into modern infrastructure provisioning on-premises or in the cloud - also in both if you like.

Lets begin with our SaaS console infra.XO that provides access to one or all of our existing modules. It is the entry point to configure and deploy images, infrastructures, applications and profiles. It also provides access to dashbaords that give you the current and past status of your infrastructure components.

image.XO - Image Management

This is the base of modern infrastructure provisioning. The first thing we need is a operating system template or Docker image. Built with our own prerequisites and configurations we need to move further. This is the template we will use to provision our infrastructure in the next step. But first we need to decide if we need Windows or Linux templates and were they should be made available.

You decide if you need them in your on-premises datacenter or in AWS or in Azure - or maybe all of them at once.

platform.XO - Platform Management

So we created our operating system template in the first step, now we need to create instances out of them with which we will provision our infrastructure. Of course we also need virtual networks, security groups and load balancers, maybe some databases and file storage. This is were the Platform Management comes in place.

All of the Platforms we provision are created with Terraform regardless of the location of the desired infrastructure.

config.XO - Configuration Management

Now that we have running operating systems we can move further and configure them. We can deploy applications, Windows Features, set Registry Keys and configure Scheduled Tasks and Services. If there might be a function you are missing just feel free to write your own PowerShell based module, upload it and use it in your infrastructure.

Curious about security running PowerShell? We automatically sign all of your uploaded DSC configurations during upload.

Thinking about scaling your infrastructure? Forget about it, the backend scales automatically because it runs as serverless functions, with auto-scaling API gateways and databases in the backend.

application.XO - Application Management

Of course you are free to use your ESD product of choice or Chocolatey within your infrastructure. But wouldn´t it be nice if we also had a solution that fits to our needs and is fully customizable? Maybe this solution is also capable of creating MSIX packages automatically or even MSIX App Attach Configurations?

We created the Application Management module on top of the PowerShell AppDeployment Toolkit and standardized the way applications are build and deployed through a web-based application packaging wizard. Fully parameterized and without the need of deep PowerShell knowledge.

profile.XO - User Profile Configuration

Because we are not only talking about infrastructure but also client and virtual desktop infrastructures we need to add another layer to the solution. User profile customization also based fully on PowerShell. Why? Because we kwno that user profile management products aren´t cheap and the functions set that is offered often doesn´t meet the customers need.

Again you are able to customize it to your own needs with a technology that is available on all of your deployed Windows nodes.

insights.XO - Monitoring and Analytics

Now that everything is up and running from the operating systems, networks, clouds, applications and users that are using the infrastructure we need to take care of one additiona step. The data that we can gather to have alook of imrovements, errors, incidents and the performance of the complete environments.

Based on the ELK stack and extendable with your own dashboards.

Is this the end? No…

You got a rough overview of what we have for you? We are not finished yet… Have a look at the extensions we offer.