Enable Multi-Factor-Authentication

To increase the security of your account you can setup Multi-Factor-Authentication.

In order to set it up you will need an Authenticator App on your mobile device. For this purpose we recommend one of the two apps:

Microsoft Authenticator
Google Authenticator

Proceed to the following step after installing the Authentication App on your mobile device.

Click on Account in the top right corner followed by Settings.

Settings in overview

In the user settings you will see Multi-Factor-Authentication settings. Simply select Setup MFA.

Setup MFA

Now your Authentication App comes to action. In the app you should have an add button or + to add an authentication. Select QR-Code scan and scan the QR code you see in XOAP. The first generated token in your app needs to be entered in the text field below. Finish the step with a click on Verify.


When you finished these steps you will see that it has been successfully set up.

You can log off and try it out.