User Management

You can add multiple users in your account. This chapter describes how to add, disable and remove them.

Go to 1. the User Management in the lower left menu and select 2. the + to add a user.

User Management overview

Add User

Fill in the user information and click on Save.

Add user

You should now see the new user account in the list.

Add User to Groups

Now the new user appears in the overview. In order to add the user to a group click on the pen.

Add user via pen symbol

Proceed by assigning the groups the user should get, which you can select from 1. Available Groups.

Possibiliites to add user

You can assign Organization Admin rights to the user for accessing everything or only grant access to specific modules by using 2. the + on the right side.

Force_change_password in the status section means that the user needs to login to confirm the user account. The status will change to Confirmed after logging in for the first time. You can also see the status of the MFA configuration in the User Management Overview. Every user can optionally enable MFA with the Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator to improve login security.

Please advise your users to enable MFA because it will greatly enhance security.

Click on Close to finish.

Activate User Account

An invitation link is sent to the configured email address.

The email contains your username and the link to your dedicated account.

Activate account

It also contains a temporary password. If you follow the link you will be asked to change it immediately.


Change the password.

Change password

Now you’re enabled. Welcome!

Disable User

In order to disable a user switch to the User Management Overview, choose the pen for the specific user and click on Disable.

Select user in overview to disable

Where to disable user

Remove User

A user can only be removed after he has been disabled.

Click on Delete.

The user will be deleted without any further confirmation dialog.