Before First Login


Before starting with the console, you need to enable the communication channels in the network. Depending on the module you will use and your organizational settings, the following guideline will walk you through the requirements.


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Please keep in mind, to not create a SSL Description for general proxy configuration.

When your organization uses proxy configurations you need to preset your computer before starting with XOAP:

  1. Ensure that the communication of your own firewall functions on the XOAP API.

  2. The relevant proxy configuration for the client needs to be set correctly on your working computer. So, when you are using a proxy with XOAP, it needs to be installed and functional.

  • If you use a proxy in combination with an authentication on that proxy, they need the relevant exceptions. Due to your individual settings and IT constellations, these exceptions are required to be set by you beforehand.

  • Read through the optional settings if you want to enable a proxy configuration for nodes, we recommend you to set in your own computer before starting with the console.

For non-transparent proxies we highly recommend you enable the settings, which are described in the link above.

For transparent proxies you do not need to enable these settings since the firewall automatically will take care, that the communication runs via the proxy.


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