Important DSC Commands

Desired State Configuration Cmdlets

Command Action
Stops debugging of DSC resources Disable-DscDebug
Starts debugging of all DSC resources Enable-DscDebug
Gets the current configuration of the nodes Get-DscConfiguration
Retrieves data about completed configuration runs Get-DscConfigurationStatus
Gets LCM settings and states for the node Get-DscLocalConfigurationManager
Gets the DSC resources present on the computer Get-DscResource
Runs a method of a specified DSC resource Invoke-DscResource
Creates checksum files for DSC documents and DSC resources New-DscCheckSum
Publishes a DSC configuration to a set of computers Publish-DscConfiguration
Removes a configuration document from the DSC configuration store Remove-DscConfigurationDocument
Reapplies the previous configuration for the node Restore-DscConfiguration
Applies LCM settings to nodes Set-DscLocalConfigurationManager
Applies configuration to nodes Start-DscConfiguration
Stops a running configuration Stop-DscConfiguration
Tests whether the actual configuration on the nodes matches the desired configuration Test-DscConfiguration
Checks the pull server for an updated configuration and applies it Update-DscConfiguration

Desired State Configurations Cmdlets for everyday usage

Command Action
Update DSC configuration on local computer Update-DscConfiguration -verbose -wait
Run DSC configuration on local computer Start-DscConfiguration -verbose -wait -useexisting
Get DSC local configuration manager Get-DscLocalConfigurationManager Select-Object -ExpandProperty ConfigurationDownloadManagers
Get all DSC resources from a DSC Module Get-DscResource-Name xoap* -Module xoap*