This area provides you with a view of all available and uploaded modules in config.XO.

Read about how to add modules.

Modules overview

Table View

The table shows the following information:

  • Name: This is the DSC module name.

  • Version: This is the version of the DSC module.

  • Creation Date: This is the date when the DSC module has been uploaded via frontend.

  • Updated By: This shows the author who created the module.

  • Tags: These are the tags assigned to the module.

Action Menu

The actions column provides further functions for the shown items, simply click on the Gear to select them.

Modules select actions


Download the module you’ve selected.


Here you can edit, add and remove the given tags.

Modules edit tags


With the delete action you are able to delete a DSC module from your tenant.

Deleting DSC modules that are used within other configurations can lead to non-functional Configurations. Be careful with what modules you are deleting.

Baseline Modules

The XOAP Baseline Modules provide functionalities such as application installation, information gathering on the node and some additional resources. They will be automatically provided for further usage. You can search for them via the Search Function Tab on the right.

XOAP baseline modules