There are two types of configuration modes that come with PowerShell DSC. Each mode allows users to ensure that the servers and workstations acquire and retain the correct configuration.

Push Mode

The configurations are “pushed” manually towards one or more units that are called “node”. This action is done by an administrator, manually. This is unidirectional communication and requires a direct connection betweeen the node and the server.

Pull Mode

A Pull Server is created and the nodes contact this server at regular intervals to obtain their configuration.

Pull Mode is better when machines must be created quickly, or if they need to be configured “on demand” for occasionally-connected nodes such as mobile devices or IOT nodes.

In a typical scenario in order to use the Pull Mode, it is necessary to have a server that has the Windows DSC feature installed. This server is called “Pull Server”.

config.XO is working with the Pull Mode. Hosts therefore contact the backend periodically to check if a new configuration is available that should be applied.

The config.XO Pull Server is running completely serverless in the cloud. You don´t have to care about the infrastructure.