Use DSC Templates

We provide a set of templates you can use for a quick start.


Every account comes with a set of predefined DSC modules you can use directly to create new configurations.

Templates are created for specific use cases and are explained below.

Microsoft Security Baselines

We converted the GPO templates that are delivered with the Microsoft Security Baselines to DSC configurations. The following modules are available:

  • XOAPMsSecBaselineW10Ent1809EnDSC
  • XOAPMsSecBaselineW10Ent1903EnDSC
  • XOAPMsSecBaselineW10Ent1909EnDSC
  • XOAPMsSecBaselineW10Ent20H2EnDSC
  • XOAPMsSecBaselineW2k16Any1607EnDSC
  • XOAPMsSecBaselineW2k19Any1809EnDSC
  • XOAPMsSecBaselineW2k19Any20H2EnDSC

Windows Virtual Desktop Best Practices

We created a DSC Mmdule you can use to optimize Windows Virtual Desktops with Office365:

  • XOAPOffice365WindowsVirtualDesktopDSC

Microsoft Privacy Recommendations

We created a module with the Microsoft Privacy Recommendations:

  • XOAPMsPrivacyRecommendationsW10EntEnDSC
  • XOAPMsPrivacyRecommendationsW2K16EntEnDSC
  • XOAPMsPrivacyRecommendationsW2K19EntEnDSC