In this area, all registered nodes are listed with a variety of information that you can view by filtering the column you need:

Nodes overview

Table View

The most frequent information are:

  • Name: This is the computer name of the node that is registered with your tenant.

  • Configuration: This is the configuration that is assigned to the node.

  • Configuration Group: This is the configuration group that is assigned to the node.

If you can see the drop-down field for the node then it is not part of a group. Nodes that are shown here and that are part of a group cannot be reassigned to another configuration unless you remove the node from the corresponding group.

  • Compliance: This column shows the current status.

  • Last Activity: This is the last time the node communicated with the config.XO backend.

  • OS: This is the operating system of the node.

  • Language: This is the configured operating system language of the node.

List of all node information

This is the entire list of all information you can choose between:

  • Name of the node
  • Configuration Name
  • Configuration
  • Configuration Group
  • Compliance
  • Last Activity
  • Operating system (OS)
  • Reboot requested
  • Language
  • Model
  • Manufacturer
  • Windows Product Name
  • Windows Edition ID
  • Windows Registered Owner
  • Windows Version
  • Domain
  • Locale ID
  • Local Date and Time
  • Last Boot-Up Time
  • Up-Time
  • Architecture
  • Log-on Server
  • OS Version

Action Menu

Nodes open action menu

These are the available actions you can use for the node by clicking on the 1. Gear shown above:


This opens 2. a pop-up with further information about the node, such as system information, PowerShell DSC information and applications:

Details on node


By deleting a node it is detached from the backend.

The node is not deleted physically or virtually, only the reference in the config.XO frontend is removed and the node won´t get any configuration updates anymore until you re-register the node.