Add Provisioners

Read more about provisioners.

You can select the Provisioner Type in the upper right corner.

List of provisioner

Create a new provisioner by clicking on add.

Add provisioners

The currently Available Provisioners are:

  • PowerShell Command
  • PowerShell Script
  • Linux Shell Command
  • Linux Shell Script
  • File
  • Windows Update
  • Windows Restart
  • DSC Local Configuration
  • DSC Pullserver Configuration
  • Application Installer
  • Application Group Installer
  • Application Role Installer

After choosing the provisioner you need to choose the Script that should be run with the provisioner, give it a Name and Description. Then you can specify the Pause before and Timeout if needed.

Insert provisioner information

The provisioners have different fields that need to be specified depending on the use-case und functionality.