Provisioners use built-in and third-party software to install and configure the machine image after booting. Provisioners prepare the system for use, so common use cases for provisioners include:

  • installing applications
  • configuring operating system components
  • creating users
  • downloading application code

Read about how to add provisioners.

Provisioners overview

Table View

The provisioners table view shows the following columns:

  • Name: The name of the provisioner.

  • Command: The command for the provisioner.

  • Description: The description of the provisioner.

  • Pause before: If you like you can also show the pause before value (where applicable).

  • Timeout: If you like you can also show the time out value (where applicable).

  • Creation Date and Update Date: Date where provisioner has been created and updated.

Read on how to add provisioners.