Azure Managed

Be sure that one connection is present before you start configuring your builder.

Select the type of builder you want to use.

Add azure managed type

The Azure Managed Builder Configuration enables you to deploy images to Azure.

To add a new builder, click on add.

Add azure managed builder

Choose the relevant information which are: Connection that should be used for image creation, Region where the image has to be created, Instance Type that should be used and the Replication Regions, where you specify the number of replications for the image in the selected regions. Now you need to declare a name for the builder. This can be something like “Azure, Subscription-Id, Amsterdam” or “Azure Managed Builder for Amsterdam”.

A description can be inserted, but is not mandatory. Be sure to use this field to add some more information about the type of builder to enhance the information exchange among you and your colleagues.

Note that you can create multiple connections in the settings area by using the + while adding a builder.

Azure gallery add buider