Get Started

This chapter is written to get you started as quick as possible with image.XO. We will guide you step by step, just follow the next paragraphs.

The process of creating an image target is as follows:

1. Upload Ressources

The first thing that needs to be done is to add some Resources to be used with the available Provisioners.

2. Create Provisioners

The uploaded resources are then connected to the correpsonding Provisioners.

3. Create Provisioner Groups

Multiple Provisioners can be grouped together.

4. Create Provisioner Roles

Multiple Provisioners can be grouped into a Role.

5. Create Operating Systems

Create Operating Systems for the use in Targets. Based on the configured information.

7. Create Builders

Builders define the connection to the infrastructure in which the image should be created.

9. Create Targets

The Target is the final definition of an image. It is configured from the following areas:

  • Operating System
  • Role
  • Builder

Be sure to have some configured Connections to your cloud providers because they are also needed during Target creation.

Check the sub-chapters on the left to learn more about configuring the different areas.