Overview of steps with image.XO

Use our Image Wizard for a quick start.

These are the steps you need to follow to get started as quickly as possible with image.XO:

1. Upload Resources: The first thing is to add some resources which will be used with the available provisioners.

2. Create Provisioners: The uploaded resources are then connected to the corresponding provisioners.

3. Create Provisioner Groups: Multiple provisioners can be grouped together.

4. Create Provisioner Roles: Multiple provisioners groups can be grouped into a role.

5. Create Operating Systems: Create operating systems for the use in images.

6. Create Builders: Builders define the connection to the infrastructure in which the image should be created.

7. Create Images: The image is the final definition. It is configured from the areas: Operating System, Role and Builder.

Be sure to have some configured connections to your cloud providers because they are also needed during image creation.