Prerequisites for a successful refinement:

  1. The EPIC was pre-aligned between, designers, product owner and those that have the required expertise.
  2. The result of that pre-alignment was documented and the EPIC was updated.
  3. Complete screen designs are available.
  4. Dependencies to other EPICs have been avoided / removed where possible and pointed out in other cases.
  5. It is clearly written, what has to be in place so that the EPIC is complete and counts as “done”
  6. The EPIC is small enough to be completed in one sprint.


  1. Work packages shall be pre-defined as story titles
  2. The EPIC has a documented business value (for prioritization)
  3. Out of Scope was defined. What is not required at this point in time to make the EPIC “done”

Procedure of the Refinement

  • The EPIC will be introduced by PO to the broader team
  • Each Team (WEB, Mobile, BE) will inform, what has to be done and the Tasks will be documented as part of the Ticket (As User Stories, but not filled with detail and not assigned yet)
  • The EPIC will be estimated based on this knowledge.

Each Story will have to be estimated separately in the team Setup.