Microsoft Endpoint Manager integration

config.XO and application.XO can be implemented perfectly into Microsoft Endpoint Manager environments. These are the steps to connect both solutions:

Create Groups

First we need to create a new AAD group which will be used to combine the AAD users and the config.XO registration script.

Assign Users

In the next step we need to assign the AAD users to the group.

Create group in config.XO and download registration script

Now create a new group in config.XO, assign a configuration and a policy and export the registration script.

Add PowerShell scripts

The last step is to assign the config.XO registration script to the group.

After these steps take a newly installed Windows 10 device (1607 or later) and login with the AAD user assigned to the group.

If a user logs in to a Windows 10 device during setup with his AAD user the node will automatically be added to Microsoft Endpoint Manager and the registration script will be started.