Planned for the Future

XOAP Roadmap

This is our official Roadmap for XOAP related products in the future.

Future Plans

Timeframe Feature Area Locality
Future Implement proxy agent for on-premises deployments Backend On-premises
Implement Azure ARM and Bicep platform.XO Cloud
Implement Windows Commandline application.XO Cloud
Implement MSIX Conversion application.XO On-Premises
Implement MSIX AppAttach application.XO Cloud/On-Premises
Enable Okta Authentification (optional) infra.XO Cloud
Enable On-Premises Support for Image Management image.XO On-Premises
Enable On-Premises Support for Application Management application.XO On-Premises
Implement Platform Management platform.XO Cloud
Enable On-Premises Support for Platform Management platform.XO On-Premises
Implement cloud / on-premises sync for all modules infra.XO On-Premises
Implement User Profile Configuration Module profile.XO Cloud/On-Premises
Create Electron app for local access to console infra.XO Cloud/On-Premises

Current features

See the changelog for current implemented features.