Manual application of multiple Profile Packages using the profile.XO framework

In addition to executing a single package, the profile.XO Framework also provides the ability to execute multiple Profile Packages using Deploy-AllUserPackages.ps1. This principle is also used by the profile.XO Service to run all Profile Packages that are in the package source directory. The steps to manually run multiple Profile Packages are as follows:

  • Open a PowerShell console window
  • Changing the current working directory to the directory of the profile.XO Framework:
cd C:\Program Files\XOAP\profileXO\Framework
  • Call the following command to execute all profile packages located in a root directory:
.\Deploy-AllUserPackages.ps1 PackageSourcePath [path to folder] DeploymentType [Logon or Logoff]

By default, the Deploy-AllUserPackages.ps1 always displays a progress dialog. If the execution without progress dialog is desired the command can be run as follows:

.\Deploy-AllUserPackages.ps1 PackageSourcePath [path to folder] DeploymentType [Logon or Logoff] -ShowProgress $false