Installation of profile.XO

The installation packages consist of three MSI files. One MSI file for the profile.XO Framework, one for the installation of the profile.XO Package Wizard and the third for the installation of the profile.XO Service.

All installers are provided for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

profile.XO - Component File
profile.XO Package Wizard 32-Bit profileXO_PW_x86.msi
profile.XO Package Wizard 64-Bit profileXO_PW_x64.msi
profile.XO Framework 32-Bit profileXO_FW_x86.msi
profile.XO Framework 64-Bit profileXO_FW_x64.msi
profile.XO Service 32-Bit profileXO_SVC_x86.msi
profile.XO Service 64-Bit profileXO_SVC_x64.msi

Installationsmedien für PSPM