profile.XO Components

profile.XO consists of three components

  • profile.XO Package Wizard
  • profile.XO Framework
  • profile.XO Service

You don´t need any backend infrastructure to run profile.XO. It is also independent from your deployment solutions - choose whatever suits you best.

Each of these components can be installed together with the others or as a single component in a few steps and integrated into existing deployment mechanisms. profile.XO does not require any additional infrastructure to be deployed. It can be installed and used on any Windows Operating system that supports PowerShell.

profile.XO Package Wizard

The profile.XO Package Wizard serves as a graphical wizard for the creation of so-called Profile Packages, with which the desired user profile changes can be carried out. The range of functions of the profile.XO Package Wizard can be extended by means of user-defined scripts. These must correspond to the defined template and be integrated into the function set of the Package Wizard.

profile.XO Service

The *profile.XO Service is designed as a system service and is used for the automated execution of the profile.XO Framework. The execution of the service is thus enabled both in the user context and in the system context. When using the optional service, it is possible to make not only user-specific but also system-specific settings.

profile .XO Framework

The profile.XO Framework is a collection of PowerShell functions that is considered the basis of profile.XO. In addition to the functions already supplied, it can be extended with functions created by the user. For this purpose, PowerShell scripts created in a predefined format can be added to the framework at any time.

Combinations of the components

The components described above can be combined depending on the activity and the target. This chapter describes possible combinations.

PSPM Architektur – vereinfachte Darstellung

Profile settings configuration

For profile.XO configurations, the reference system requires only the profile.XO Framework in addition to the profile.XO Package Wizard. The profile.XO Package Wizard also offers the option of executing the settings of a Profile Package locally during configuration.

The profile.XO Service and administrator rights to run the Profile Package are required for testing. If defined profile settings are to be set on a client, the two components profile.XO Service and Framework are required.

The Service triggers the time for setting the profile settings and starts the framework to perform the necessary operations. For this purpose, the Service sequentially reads all specified Profile Packages.

All information about the execution of the Profile Package is read from the corresponding JSON file. The JSON file is passed to the Deploy-UserPackage.ps1 and this then starts the Framework with the relevant information.