How to create a DSC configuration

There are two ways how you can create a DSC configuration. (Learn more about DSC: Desired State Configuration - DSC

Configuration Wizard

To use our Configuration Wizard select Create configuration


You now have two options. Adding resources with DSC modules or use Group Policies. For our first resource we use Add Resources


The selected module is PSDesiredStateConfiguration in Version 1.1 and the Registry resource. Enter your Values as desired and save it


After saving you can expand in this example MyRegistryKey resource to see the parameters you have set


We will add a second resource with the help of group policies. If you are known to group policies you will probably recognize some similarity. Simply select the GPO you want to enable and save it with a click on Close


You now see your created resources. The GPO is nothing more than a registry entry in the \SOFTWARE\Policies path


Save your configuration. Optionally you can enter a meaningful description for your colleagues and set it to active


Create your configuration locally

We wrote a detailed instruction on how to write a DSC configuration here: Writing DSC configurations
Also we recommend using a code editor such as Visual Code or IntelliJ IDEA. Find out more here: Configuration Management - Get Started

However if you are already into writing DSC configurations yourself or simply want to manage them by yourself you can always upload your locally created configurations either compiled as .mof or .ps1 itself into XOAP