How to - Example

We will cover a small work through on how to deploy deviceTRUST with the example configuration “Status report”.

  1. Create application configurations for the application packages
  • deviceTRUST - Host
  • deviceTRUST – Status Report


Enter the ELK information for the Status Report


  1. Create an application group for this scenario. In this case we choose deviceTRUST - Endpoint Statusreport.
    Add the application configuration you just created for the Host component & Status Report configuration.


  1. The Application group is now deployable to your clients as a .ps1 Script.

In case you already have an application role linked with a configuration group(registering script) you can just add the application group to that role. If you want to create a new configuration group with a new role do the following:
Application Management > Roles – Add Role

And add “deviceTRUST – Endpoint Statusreport”


  1. Create a new group in Configuration Mangement.
    We select our office DSC configuration, our LCM policy and My Company – Office user   application role.


The registration script for the configuration group is now ready to be deployed as a .ps1 script to your clients.