Installation and Configuration


deviceTRUST comes with 3 components:

  • deviceTRUST Host
  • deviceTRUST Client
  • deviceTRUST Console

You will find PSADT Packages for each Component in your account.


Depending on the scenario you want to use please look into the scenarios.

In general the deviceTRUST Console can be installed directly on the remote PC where the deviceTRUST Host is installed on, or on the Domain Controller. Installing it on the Host allows you to directly configure the Host. Installing the Console on the Domain Controller allows you to publish the configuration via Group Policy Objects.

Another way is to export the configuration from the Console as a config file (.dtjson) which is basically .json. Copying it on the deviceTRUST Host device in the below mentioned path makes the deployment even more comfortable:


Read more about json.

Export Configuration in the Console

Click on the “Sharing” icon in the top right corner:

Export Configuration