The Nodes area shows all registered Nodes with their node name, assigned configuration, the last activity, operating system, device type and the language of the operating system.


Table views

The Nodes table view shows the following columns.


This is the computer name of the Node that is registered with your tenant


This is the Configuration that is assigned to the Node.

If you can see the drop-down field for the node then it is not part of a group. Nodes that are shown here and that are part of a group cannot be reassigned to another configuration unless you remove the node from the corresponding group.

Last Activity

This is the last time the Node communicated with the config.XO backend.


This is the operating system of the Node.


This is the device type of the Node.


This is the configured operating system language of the Node.


These are the available actions you can use on the Node.


The Actions column provides further functions for the shown items.


The details action opens a pop-up with further information about the Node, such as:


The details view shows further information about the Node:

  • System Information
  • PowerShell DSC information
  • Applications


By deleting a Node it is detached from the backend.

The node is not deleted physically or virtually, only the reference in the config.XO frontend is removed and the node won´t get any configuration updates anymore until you re-register the node.