Configuration Decryption

In case of loosing the original Configuration file or an other emergency case you are able to decrypt your uploaded .mof Configurations

What you need for this is:

  • Your encrypted Configuration (downloaded from XOAP)
  • Certificate for decryption
  • Password for decryption
  • Decrypt script (Decrypt.ps1)

All of the above can be downloaded from the config.XO Configurations area in XOAP.

Download files for decryption

In Configuration Management > Configurations

Download decryption files contains all the files mentioned above. Now you just need to download your encrypted Configuration.



In this example we put all the files needed into the path: C:\temp\Decrypt Configuration


  1. Open PowerShell and call the Decrypt.ps1 script
  2. Enter the parameters: CertificateFilePath, EncryptedFilePath, OutputFilePath
.\Decrypt.ps1 -CertificatePath "C:\temp\Decrypt Configuration\cert.pfx" -EncryptedFilePath "C:\temp\Decrypt Configuration\Baseline20H2W10.mof" -OutputFilePath "C:\temp\Decrypt Configuration\Decrypted.mof"