Package Wizard Configuration

After the installation of the PSADT Package Wizard we need to configure it in the first place.


To prepare the configuration, some prerequisites must be met

PSADT Framework

Download our customized PSADT Framework (required for frontend specific information) and extract the contents to a local folder (e.g. C:\toolkit). The folder structure should look like this:

Our customized Framework has some extensions that make it more usable with SCCM deployments. Have a look at the extension.ps1 inside the custom framework for more info.

The PSADT template can be customized to your own needs. If you need some extensions, simply change the function inside the framework and use it for your applications as a baseline.

Be sure not to remove the Register-Installation part of the extensions.ps1 because otherwise the PowerShell DSC module responsible for installation of the applications will not work anymore.


Packages Folder

Create a folder on your machine or on a file share. This folder will be used to store the created installation packages (e.g. C:\packages).

Initial Configuration

Start the PSADT Package Wizard via Start Menu or the icon on the Desktop.


Accept the license and proceed with Start


At first we need to configure to Toolkit path and the Package Library path.


Insert C:\toolkit in the toolkit path field and C:\packages in the packages path field. A soon as you integrate the path to the toolkit correctly you will see that the toolkit settings fields are propagated with the standard settings from the PSADT Toolkit.

Feel free to change them as needed. These settings will apply to new every package you will create with the Package Wizard. Existing packages won´t be changed.


Click save.


Now switch to the packages view. We are ready to start creating new PSADT packages.