Easy to Use

Any PowerShell beginner can use the template and the functions provided with the Toolkit to perform application deployments.


Provides a consistent look and feel for all application deployments, regardless of complexity.


Provides a set of functions to perform common deployment tasks, such as installing or uninstalling multiple applications, prompting users to close apps, setting registry keys, copying files, etc.

User Interface

Provides user interaction through, customizable user interface dialog boxes, progress dialogs and balloon tip notifications that can all be branded with custom logo and banner.


The UI is localized in several languages and more can easily be added using the XML configuration file.


Integrates well with SCCM 2007/2012; provides installation and uninstallation deployment types with options on how to handle exit codes, such as supressing reboots or returning a fast retry code.


The logic engine and functions are separated from per-application scripts, so that you can update the toolkit when a new version is released and maintain backwards compatibility with your deployment scripts.


The Toolkit can be easily extended to add custom scripts and functions.


The Toolkit provides detailed logging of all actions performed and even includes a graphical console to browse the help documentation for the Toolkit functions.