Create Configuration

Now that the application is available we can create a configuration for this application. A configuration is a set of options, that can be attached to an application.

Keep in mind that you should create application installations with parameters and variables. Never should we create hardcoded values in the installation scripts.

Create Configuration

To create a configuration click on the small + in the Actions area.

add configuration

A new window opens.

create configuration

The create configuration wizard needs some required fields for the Configuration to be created:

  • Package Name
  • Name of Author
  • Deployment Type
    • Install
    • Uninstall
  • Deploy Mode
    • Silent
    • Interactive
    • NonInteractive

We suggest putting a prefix in front of the application name like: INSTALL_Citrix_BrokerPowerShellSnap-In_7.24.0.52_x64_Any

All other switches and parameters depend on the application you want to deploy.

Yo can now save your application configuration and proceed to the next chapter.